Weekly Market Recap 8-4-2017

  • Weekly Market Recap 8-4-2017

    Weekly Market Recap 8-4-2017

    This Week In Financial Markets


    The Dow closes the week at it’s 8th straight record high.  The  S&P 500 is only slightly higher on the week, while the Nasdaq ends the week slightly lower.  The U.S. jobs report was incredibly strong, posting 209,000 jobs for the month of July against the 180,000 expected.  This news brings the U.S. unemployment rate to a 16 year low at 4.3%.  European indexes were up solidly this week across the board.  Asian shares were mostly flat across the board for the week.  Crude Oil ended flat on the week to close around $49.52 a barrel.  The U.S. 10 year treasury yield is relatively unchanged to end the week just below 2.27%.

    S&P 500

    Dow 30


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